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Railway Support Services
Montpellier House
Montpellier Drive
Cheltenham, Glos
GL50 1TY

Telephone: 0870 803 4651


Lineside Clearance

Keeping the adjacent lineside clear is an important part of safe working along any stretch of railway.

Embankment undergrowth clearance is probably one of the most difficult tasks to undertake on a railway. However, Railway Support Services have a number of specialist machines ideal for clearing the most resistant scrub from these locations.
The GreenMech Multi Task 120 is powered by an efficient Deutz 118ps diesel engine (which complies with pollution emission 4) and is operated by a single person. The mulching head can handle anything up to 100mm in diameter and the machine can operate at angles of up to 45 degrees with its unique trak slabiliser legs, allowing the chassis to remain level. We also have access to mulch and chipping machines thus providing a complete lineside clearance service.

GreenMech1 GreenMech2 Clear457

Above and Right: Views of the clearance machine in use on embankments showing its versatility.

Below: views of a stretch of railway embankment in the process of being cleared using this machine in just one day.


Weeds growing between tracks can be a nuisance and a danger. Railway Support Services can provide a total weed control solution.

Railway Support Services can also provide an RRV (road rail vehicle) complete with a flail head attachment for local vegetation control. This machine is also equipped with various attachments useful for permanent way use.

If you would like more information on our clearance services or to discuss your specific requirements, please call us on 07794 480410 or e-mail