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Railway Support Services
Montpellier House
Montpellier Drive
Cheltenham, Glos
GL50 1TY

Telephone: 0870 803 4651


MFD Specialised Lifting Equipment

Here at RAILWAY SUPPORT SERVICES we have a full set of MFD lifting gear - hydraulic jacks. This type of jacking equipment is used in over 70 countries all over the world and has been developed specifically for railway use.

With a maximum safe working load capacity of 500 tonnes, this makes this equipment ideal for assisting with such necessities in any railway location - primarily for assisting with with derailments but also useful for lifting locomotives for bogie swaps and for lifting wagons for maintenance and/or inspections.

MGR Knottingley 060908 IFFitted with double acting re-pressure systems, the jacks are capable of lifting and lowering as well as pushing and pulling laterally. The precise control of the jacks makes them ideal for assisting with derailed vehicles.
The jacks have been designed to lift all  types of rolling stock - trams, underground stock, mainline railway locomotives, mainline wagons and power cars.

The jacking equipment is fully portable and is operated remotely by one of our qualified operators allowing all work to be undertaken safely with no risk to any personnel.

Self contained, the jacks are ideal for use at all railway locations and in the case of multi-track lines, any adjacent lines need not be blocked whilst the work is undertaken. 

With their tremendous lifting capacity, these jacks are not just confined to lifting railway items.
Bridges and other  heavy industrial loads can also be lifted and supported.

If you would like more information on our jack hire or to discuss your specific requirements,
please call us on 07794 480410 or e-mail