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Railway Support Services
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Tamping Machines

RAILWAY SUPPORT SERVICES have two Plasser & Theurer ‘07-275’ tamping machines available for hire.

These machines are ‘Switch & Crossing’ tampers which means they can tamp points and crossings as well as plain line. Being tamper-liners, they correct the level, cant and alignment of trackwork (essential for safe operation of train services), making them ideal for all tamping requirements at all locations.

Built in the late 1980s, these 733xx series machines are similar to the plain line 07-series tampers but were built specifically to deal with the extra weight of lifting and packing pointwork. The output of the engine is much greater resulting in the lifting and lining force being increased.

Operated on the same principle as plain line machines in order to achieve track geometry and quality, these S&C tampers are used for maintenance and renewal of switch and crossing layouts. This is possible due to the specially designed lifting hooks and individually articulating tamping tools which allow the machine to tamp intricate crossing work. S&C tampers can also be utilised to treat tight curves where a check rail is installed, which can be prohibitive to a plain line tamping machine. They are fitted with twin operators’ cabins and controls positioned directly over each rail and at a low level. This means that the operators have a clear view of the sleepers being tamped and of the lifting equipment.

73315 Toddington 0 small1These machines are still used on Britain’s main line network and are in great demand. Railway Support Services own the only two ‘privately owned’ examples and are pleased to be able to offer these machines for hire to industrial and heritage railway sites to assist with levelling and lining at very reasonable rates for both long term and short term hire. As part of the hire package, Railway Support Services can provide a fully qualified crew for operating the tamping machines which require specialist skills and we will work with you from start to finish.

Tamper1Before Tamper2After

One of Railway Support Services’ 07-275 tamping machines in action on the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Steam Railway in September 2008. The image on the left shows deformation in the alignment of the track layout and the image on the right shows the same location after the tamper has passed and lifted/lined throughout.
Crews have also commented on the notable difference in ride quality in the areas that the tamper has been working.

Tamping Chicken Curve

If you would like more information on our tamper hire or to discuss your specific requirements,
please call us on 07794 480410 or e-mail